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Sinclair line in St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland

Good morning to you.
My name is Tom Thompson I live in Florida.
My mother was born in Dunbarton in 1911 her name was Janet Brown Blair.
Her mothers name was Sarah Jessie Sinclair born in Old Kilpatrick in 1883.
Her parents were John Sinclair and Sarah Keith they were married at High
Church, Paisley, Renfrew in Jan. 1865. Sarah Keith Sinclair died in 1924.
Their daughter Isabella Sinclair was born Nov. 15, 1865. Their son John or
(Jock) Sinclair was born on April 15, 1870. Their next daughter Flora Black
Sinclair was born 25, July 1872. Their next son Daniel or (Donald) was born
in 1879.I found the family on the 1881 Census in Old Kilpatrick.  After 4
years of searching on the Internet I was finally put in contact with a cousin
living in Old Kilpatrick, that was quite a thrill. Lucinda Morton was the
name she was born with. I spoke with her on the phone. I asked her what she
knew of the family history of the Sinclair's and the Keith's. She new very
little on those lines her family lost track of them a long time ago. I found
a hand written note from my Grandmother Sarah J. Sinclair in it she said,
that her brother Jock Sinclair as he was called, moved to St. Andrews in Fife
and he had a complete family history. He other brother Donold lived in Ayre.
My cousin Lucinda put an ad
in the St. Andrews paper looking for information on Jock Sinclair with o
I was wondering with all your connections if you could help me out a little.
Thank you for any and all help in advance.
Tom Thompson
Researching: Sinclair, Anderson, Keith, McArthur, Blair,Sloss,Morton and Ayre.