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One of those para-Sinclairs

I have been reading some papers that sort of dropped into my lap, so to
speak.  Primarily they are on the family that married into the Arthur
Sinclairs - the Whittle family, also sea-related.  I found a statement
written in the hand of George Tarry Sinclair, son of Arthur (2nd
generation, I think) who submitted a copy of the Sinclair crest along
with the statement that the crest was forever lost when his ship, the
"Peacock" went down in the Pacific about 1840-50 or so. Also, on another
paper, that Arthur had a middle name as evidenced by an initial "F" -
Arthur F. Sinclair. At this point I don't know which Arthur (there were
3, maybe 4, depending of when the paper was written). But yes, I am as
proud of "my" Sinclairs as if I were in direct line, instead of two
marriages, distaff side.  Sinclair, Aye!  Sally

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