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From the Orcadian:

Orkney celebrates Norwegian Constitution Day
A piper leads the annual Norwegian Constitution Day tog 
through Albert Street 
The annual Norway Independence Day "tog" through the 
streets of Kirkwall took place on Thursday with visitors 
and locals parading from the pierhead to the steps of 
the St Magnus Cathedral.

As the procession filed into Broad Street and the crowd 
gathered at the foot of the Cathedral steps, an 
assembled choir sang the Norwegian National anthem 
and Orkney Islands Council Convener Hugh Halcro-
Johnston welcomed the Norwegian guests
There is a good picture of a Piper leading the 
procession and the Norwegian and Union Flags in the 
Archive http://www.orcadian.co.uk/archive/index.html

Another good reminder of the common heritage of 
Scotland and Norway.

Yours aye

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