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Re: Sinclair crests

on 10/05/2001 13:39, Ian Sinclair at icsinclair@home.com wrote:

Dear Ian,

Since I am French I could tell you exactly what it means but I am not sure
if you spelled the first word correctly : « taviv» ? Could you check the
spelling or write it in lower cases so that I have a better idea? ... The
second part is easier: tu tires- it's eiher « you shoot », or « you pull ».

> I have in my possessiona family seal which I understand to belong to the
> Fenwick Clan. The shield has two rows of bird's with 3 birds in each verticle
> half of the shield.the Phoenix is on top with wings spread open.The motto
> which goes round the bottom part of the shield say's [TAVIV TU TIRES ], i have
> no idea what it means.
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