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Sinclair Mottos

Good morning, Niven, In the Digest of today(?) you say that the crest of
Sinclair of Hermanston and Ravenscraig have the motto of "Fight", or as
I have the old spelling, "Feight".    Where are Hermanston and
Ravencraig?  In Scotland - where, please. Running my Arthur Sinclair to
earth is a bit of a task, but his motto is "Feight"/Fight. He arrived in
America as a ship owner/captain from Scalloway, Shetland. He usually
shipped between Glasgow and Virginia in the mid-1700s.
This is the version from source - Virginia Historical Magazine, p 310,
Vol ..)
“A correspondent has sent us a drawing of a wax impression of the seal
of Commander Sinclair.  The drawing is pale and is slightly torn, but
appears to have ships in each of the four quarters, with a cross over
all.  There is also an inescutcheon.  The crest, a swan and griffins, as
supporters.  The arms appear to be those of the Barons Sinclair, created
1488.  No proof of descent in known, but “Fight” the motto these Lords
Sinclair would be eminently suitable to the Virginia family.”
The other is what I found in a CD Rom of Arms, source at the end.  Sally

> Baron Sinclair (St. Clair)
> Quarterly first and fourth az a ship at anchor her oars erect in saltire, within a double tressure flory, counter flory or, for Orkney; second and third, az a ship under sail or, for Caithness, over all an inescutcheon or, charged with a cross engrailed sa, for Sinclair.  Supporters 2 gryphons proper armed and beaked or. Motto:  Fight (from General Armory, pg 887)(not the same as above) Also check American Heraldry p 29, p1III, p179 & Stevenson Heraldry in Scotland V2, p418.

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