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Holy bloodlines and such

Since posting on the Lion and Unicorn, I have received many questions that
are off topic to varying degrees.
Some of you want to know more regarding this.  I again suggest you read the
books by Tim Wallace-Murphy to obtain more information about such topics.
My posting conveyed the thoughts of Gardner & other writers.

I wish to end this thread; descendants of JC, on the list.
A hot headline grabber that sells books, but becomes a distraction
It was not intended to be a thread of discussion.  This is Clan Sinclair;
and that should be enough for all of us.
Each of us will work through what we can perceive and draw our own
Discrimination between writers does not prevent me from reading these books,
only as to how much of it I personally accept/reject.
As to Elizabeth I and her progeny; it has been a secret for a very long
I cannot elaborate on this for reasons I also cannot go into.  This will not
satisfy Katherine in Ireland.
There are proofs about.  The messages for those that have the ears to
listen.  It was ever purposely disguised.
There are keys to unlocking the hidden hands of history.

Kindest regards
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