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Sinclair Dates

   May 5
   1789: Estates General, The French King convened the Estates General
   (Parliament) to hear their grievances: The Third Estate, representing
   the citizens of the town, formed the Constituent National Assembly.
   1821: Napoleon d., Napoleon Bonaparte dies of slightly obscure causes,
   commonly accepted to be arsenic poison, although some say a stomach
   ulcer, [2]in exile on the island of St. Helena, a thousand miles from
   Africa. His remains are transfered to Paris and entombed at Hotel des
   Invalides Paris in the Eglise du Dome (Church of the Dome). One of
   history's best military strategists and artillery men irritated a lot
   of folks just because he wanted to rule the world.
   2000: conjunction of 6 planets, First time in 6000 years.
   Unfortunately, all the big planets are on the far side of the sun, and
   the small planets (Venus and Mercury) will be invisible in front of
   the sun.


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   2. http://www.txdirect.net/users/rrichard/napoleo1.htm
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