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RE: Need for 1880 Census Index

I would suggest for you to order the microfilms in (for both counties) from either two ways, as not all censuse have been index (and it would be faster to skip indexes, if you already know the county that you are looking for):
1.  In Canada, we can inter-library loan census from our National Archives to our              local library, possibly they do the same in United States.
2.  Go to your local LDS (Mormon) branch library & order the microfilms in (get microfilm roll no. from their library catalog website)  In Canada it cost $5.00 a roll & you get to look at them for 5 weeks.
All available census schedules, from 1790 to 1920, have been microfilmed and are available at the National Archives in Washington, D.C., at the National Archives' regional archives in twelve states, at the LDS Family History Library and LDS family history centers throughout North America, at many large libraries, and through microfilm lending companies. Some state and local agencies may have census schedules only for the state or area served.
Rexdale, Ontario
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Subject: Need for 1880 Census Index

Help: Need 1880 Census Index
Does anyone have a Census index for 1880 Buncombe County North Carolina or Fulton County Geogia?  I am trying to find my great great grandmother, Nancy Sinclair, listed with her parents as a child.  I don't know her parents names it seems like the only way I will find out is if I find her as a child listed with her parents in the 1880 census.  Please help.  I appreciate in advance for any and all assistance given.
Sincerely, Wanda    porkchop@troycable.net