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Dear Friends,
Well you won't believe this one.  My eldest Aunt who is in her eighties
vacationed in Scotland last year. She visited the Old Kirk cemetery at
Logie Buchan to take pictures of the headstone where her grandfather
John Sinclair and other ancestors are buried.

This past week-end while visiting her and other family members she
showed me a photo of a headstone that she took when she was there. 
Knowing she only recently took up an interest in Sinclair geneaolgy due
to me prodding her and realizing the significance of the headstone I
asked her why she took the photo.  Her answer was "Just experimenting
and trying out the camera".  When I explained to her about the Earl of
Caithness she said "How was I supposed to know that".  We had a great
laugh over it.

Here is what I can make of the inscription.  Two stones actually.  The
one for the youngest daughter is placed at the foot of the main one.  I
want to send my Aunt the inscription and the background of the Earl of
Caithness and am hoping someone can make corrections and fill in the

Thanks and yes my dear Aunt is a proud Sinclair.

Leslie Sinclair
In Memory

? ? Sauntess of Caithness
who died at Auchmaody?
on the 11th August 1833 Age 80

Also the Right Honourable
Norman MacLeod Buchan
Eighteenth Earl of Caithness C.B.E.L.I.A.
who died at Auchmaody?
on the 25th day of March 1847 Age 84
Convenor of the County of Aberdeen
1818 to 1842

Also their Eldest Daughter
Lady Olivia Trevor
who died at Auchmadoy?
on the ?   ?   ?    Aged 79



Also their youngest daughter
Lady ?   ?  ?   Age 78
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