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Fw: The "Auld Alliance" and the Royal Flag of Scotland

Re-posting - this seems to have gone astray!

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Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2001 7:31 PM
Subject: Re: The "Auld Alliance" and the Royal Flag of Scotland

> I think Sally is right.  The "Lion Rampant" or Royal Flag of Scotland (as
> may only be flown by the Royal Family) may be viewed at
> http://www.pinette.net/chris/flags/scotland/scot2.html (most accurate as
> shows the claws and tongue in blue, often omitted) where they note "The
> fleurs-de-lys are said to commemorate the long-standing alliance between
> Scotland and France."  The first Lion Rampant of William I "The Lion",
> 1165-1214 had no such border, and the "Auld Alliance" dates to 1295(see
> Scottish Section of our website). There are those who suggest that the
> is the "Lion of Judah", arriving as a symbol in Scotland with the stone of
> destiny, continuing the line of the Royal House of David through Scota
> Legend of Prince Gathelus in the Scottish Section of our website).
> I think I remember Charlie, the senior guide at Edinburgh Castle telling
> that the Lion has three claws on the left "arm" when the monarch is a
> and four for a King, but have never come across this anywhere else.
> The restriction on Royal use is quite draconian.  Cumbernauld was once
> advise not to fly the Royal Flag from a flagpole by the Lord Lyon using an
> Act of 1679 which still carries the death penalty.  However based on a
> warrant issued by George V in 1934 the Lord Lyon believes that it is
> permissible to wave the Royal Flag at Rugby and Football Matches.  We keep
> one at home, just for this purpose. The flag we are all allowed to fly is
> the Saltire (see Scottish Section of our website).
> See http://www.geo.ed.ac.uk/home/scotland/saltire.html
> Incidentally, neither is it permissible for private citizens of the UK to
> fly the Union Flag (Saltire, St Georges Cross and St Patrick's Cross
> combined). See
> l
> The first Union Flag was designed by James VI and I in 1603.  The Cross of
> St Patrick came in with the Union with Ireland in 1801.
> See also http://www.kwtelecom.com/heraldry/scother1.html
> Yours aye
> Iain
> www.iain-laird.co.uk
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> Subject: The "Auld Alliance"
> > A follow on to Niven's comments about the French Connection.  Unless I
> > am mistaken the border around the Scottish flag, the one in red and
> > gold, is the bordure tressure flory counter flory is a symbol of the
> > "Auld Alliance" between France and Scotland.

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