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Re: Nancy Sinclair, My GGgrandmother

 If you don't know where there is a church near you contact me off the list and let me know where you are and I will tell you where there is a church near you.  My father has a list.
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On 17 Apr 2001 22:37:42 -0700 Spirit One Email <laurel@spiritone.com> wrote:
>     Are you anywhere near a LDS (Mormon) church?  If so they most likely have a family history center or could tell you where the nearest one is.  Then go there and you can order for a very small fee the census for the county that Ashville is in.  While you are there, see whether they might have the large book that contains each county in the USA showing the township divisions.  This is often very useful.  They will make a copy of all the county maps you want.  Have you sent a query to the webmaster of that county in NC with your family information.  You may find that someone has already left a query that will interest you.   Joining a genealogical group from that area is often helpful also because you can have access to family information stored there and put queries in their publications.
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>  Nancy Sinclair was born in 1878 so she would be one in a half to two yrs of age when the 1880 census was completed.  According to my family she was born in Buncombe County North Carolina in the town of Ashville.  Does anyone have access to the 1880 census of this area of North Carolina.  PLease someone help me.  I appreciate in advance for any and all information recieved thank you.
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