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Re: Genealogy question - Allan family

Marilyn, Jean and Donald,

It is possible that the names Allan was spelt as Allen. The Canterbury 
Museum records it as Allan but with some searching last night it is more 
likely to be Allen.

I am trying to figure out about William Sinclair mentioned in records with 
the Robert and Magnus Allen listed as Robert and Magnus brother in law. 
Robert would have been born about 1811 and Magnus about 1820.I am trying to 
find out if the above William is one and the same person as  my William 
Sinclair.  My William was born in 1822
There appears to be some confussion over records and I am attempting to make 
sense of the mess.

I have seen the name Bain recorded in several of my family history bits and 
pieces. Ebenezer born 1829 I presume is my William Sinclair's younger 

Thanks everyone who has replyed with information and suggestions.

Jenny  - New Zealand
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