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Helen verch Llewlyn, our ancestress

Dear Kevin and Rika,
Thanks for the reference. However, the directory makes the same mistake as 
LDS records. The Elen (Helen, Eleanor) who is the daughter of LLewlyn the 
Great is from an earlier generation, she was born ca. 1207 while our 
ancestress has a birth date of about 1250 or so. As the earlier one was 
Countess of Chester and apparently quite a character in her own right, her 
families get mixed with our ancestress who was probably born at Mar in 
Scotland. Her family with Donald Earl of Mar (b1243) seems to be well 
documented, including Isabell (Matilda) the first wife of Robert Bruce, who 
is sometimes mistakenly called "Queen of Scotland." This, of course, is an 
error as she died years before Robert Bruce became King of Scotland.
Thanks, anyway. Reckon it's "back to the drawing board" on this one.
Ciao. "Cousin Dean Sinclair of South Dakota, USofA."
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