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Re: Some thoughts: "Yours Aye" - and you are not "EMINEM"!

Dear Sally

"Yours aye" in Scotland literally "yours ever" or "yours always", and it is
quite a common closing to a note or letter, particularly amongst the
Military, where I started using it, around 20 years ago, instead of "yours
ever" or "yours sincerely".  "Aye" is commonly used in Scots song and poetry
instead of the English "ever" or "always", e.g. "I'll aye be wi' ye..", (I
will always be with you...).  It may have developed other meanings in the
USA, as our common language  is constantly evolving language (although in
the elevator/lift joke, there is an reminder that while the Americans
invented the elevator, the Brits invented the language.  So if you want the
Scots origin of "yours aye", this is it! :)

As regards "EMINEM" the rap star, I was replying to a message from
EMNEM1@Prodigy.Net  to a message that had your name in the title.

By the way, Iain is Gaelic for John, another one for your list.

Yours aye


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> Yours Aye!  as I understand it, is the greeting to your Clan chief, or
> more like the sign off Sincerely.   It might be "I am your fellow
> clansman" or whatever. I use it as an exuberant, joyful way of signing
> off.
> My email may be an anagram to some rap person. But I assure you, that
> whoever this person is, I have never heard of him and after three years
> of the same name, am not about to change my stripes to mis-match whoever
> this person is/was/will be. growl (sorry, grin)
> John can be Ian, Ivan, Evan, Seumas, Sean, Jock, Jack, Hans.  William in

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