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Some thoughts

Yours Aye!  as I understand it, is the greeting to your Clan chief, or
more like the sign off Sincerely.   It might be "I am your fellow
clansman" or whatever. I use it as an exuberant, joyful way of signing
My email may be an anagram to some rap person. But I assure you, that
whoever this person is, I have never heard of him and after three years
of the same name, am not about to change my stripes to mis-match whoever
this person is/was/will be. growl (sorry, grin)
Now, Sinclair - Nancy, according to Webster's is another form of Ann,
Anne.  Just as Elizabeth becomes Elsbeth,  Lisa, Liza, Beth, Betsy (ey),
Eliza, Lizzie, Elsie, Elise, Betty, Libby(ie).  Alice shares some of
these names, also.  Helen can be  Eliza, Nelly, Nell, Eileen, Ellen.
Just remember, whoever was the clerk who wrote down the name or the
parent who gave the child's name by what the child was called
familiarly, may have spelled the name as he heard it.  There was also no
standard spelling until within the memory of your grandparents.
I am searching my German side also.  I find that my 8th ggrandfather,
whose name was Peter, by today's spelling may have been Pitter, Petter,
Pieter.  I find in Scottish naming that Arthur may be the same as
Archibald.  Austin could be Augustin.
John can be Ian, Ivan, Evan, Seumas, Sean, Jock, Jack, Hans.  William in
Scottish is Ewan, evidently pronounced "you-un", elided together. James
can be Jacob (as in Jacobite - follower of King James), Jim, Jem, Jamie,
Jaime, Jemmy, Jimmy.  There is in the 17th and 18th centuries a good
chance that Bibical names would be used. Jacob rather than James, etc.
There is an Isaac in one of my Scottish lines.
There is on line now, access to census from 1790 to 1920.  You have to
pay to use it on line, I do through one company.  To me it is well worth
the $100.00 a year for what I have found, thus far.  I would not be so
far along with my Sinclair's if I didn't have this access.  There are
any number of factual data lists for your perusal. Sinclairs Forever!
Aye!  Sally

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