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Re: My Sinclairs (Laomi)

Once you get to John of Exeter, you all can find the rest of his line on the
clan website www.clansinclairusa.org  "History"   Click then on "First
Arrivals" in the middle column. You will see John of Exeter b. 1612 as the
second name on the list.  Click on him and you will see his line back to 600

  Is there anyone out there that would be interested in maintaining the
"First Arrivals" list?  You could put it on your website and then Ray Lower
and myself could just have links to it.  I have enough to do with just
capturing all the history.  I really could use some help with all of this.

> Will send more if you like. Laurel said this is supposed to be fun;
hopefully this
> will make it so.Take care, Kevin
> PS-My line is John* of Exeter thru his son James*. I can send much
> information about the Scottish line if you like (or anyone)

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