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Re: Name?

At 19:34 28/03/01 -0500, you wrote:
Before I ask my question, I would like to apologize for this request not relating to Scottish history or Sinclair/St. Clair genealogy
I work in the local public library and one of our patrons is trying to find the origin and meaning of her name.  She says that she was named after her great-great grandmother and that she was from Scotland.  Is it possible with all the connections out there that someone might know the meaning of the first name Onalie.  Any and all help will be appreciated as she has looked everywhere for her name and is unable to find it anywhere.
Thank you
Barb Kyler

I have replied and, yet, every time I switch on my e-mail, I get a demand to acknowledge
your e-mail which I have now done a dozen times and still it keeps coming up every time
I switch on and, worse, I can't close down until I reply to you

It's infuriating