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St. Clair genealogy-Jim St. Clair

Hi, everybody - can anyone tie into the info that I just received from a
Jim St. Clair who resides in Mull River, Mabou, Nova Scotia.

Jim cites his ancestry thus:

  Prince Henry St. Clair/Sinclair (through descendants to):

     George St. Clair - 4th Earl of Caithness

         John St. Clair - Master of Caithness

            James Sinclair - 1st of Murkle

                James Sinclair - 1st of Assery (natural but acknowledged
son of James - 1st of Murkle))

                     James Sinclair - 2nd of Assery

                         William Sinclair of Thurso

                             William St. Clair of Scotland, Ireland and
Western Pennsylvania

                                 William of Washington County,
Pennsylvania (his death after 1818)

                                      James St. Clair + Jemima Enlow

                                           Jesse St. Clair + Margaret
Mitchell of Washington County, PA & Clark County, Indiana

                                                John St. Clair + Lucinda
Enlow of Washington County, PA & Clark County, Indiana

                                                     James St. Clair +
Elizabeth Guernsey of Clark County, Indiana and Louisville County

                                                          Byron St.
Clair of Louisville County and Massachusetts

                                                               Jim St.

This is what I received when I asked if he would reveal his ancestry to
me - perhaps someone can tie into this and provide additional
information and /or comments.

Neil St. Cair

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