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Re: Amazing Grace

Hi Rory!

A note, if you'll allow, from your Scottish Division Representative!  I
think it was in 1971, in an Album "Farewell to the Greys", for it was that
year that The Royal Scots Greys were merged with the Welsh "Carabineers" to
form The Royals Scots Dragoon Guards, which is the Regiment's current name.

See http://www-saw.arts.ed.ac.uk/army/regiments/dragoons.html and also

The badge of the Greys was a Napoleonic Eagle, representing that captured by
Ensign Ewart at Waterloo, when they charged with infantry support, the
Gordon Highlanders clinging to their stirrup leathers, with a battle cry
"Scotland for ever!".

A Ministry of Defence manoeuvre may have diluted their composition, but not
their sense of history.  They are still Scotland's Cavalry, and bearers of

Yours aye


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> Dear All:
> In (appx) 1967  (maybe it was '77 well anyway it is a recent phenomenon) ,
> the Royal Scots Grays Regimental Pipe Band put out an LP called "Amazing
> Grace"

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