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Re: Amazing Grace

Dear All:
In (appx) 1967  (maybe it was '77 well anyway it is a recent phenomenon) ,
the Royal Scots Grays Regimental Pipe Band put out an LP called "Amazing
As far as I know, the tune had never been played before on pipes.  Like Mull
of Kintyre later and other such "novelty" items like the Singing Nun" with
"Dominique"  it went straight to the top of the charts.  No one was more
surprised than the Scots Grays but they took it in stride  and recently even
had a reunion of the original band that made the hit.   It has become a
standard for pipers everywhere and at every Highalnd Games I have ever been
to, the massed bands play  Amazing Grace to end the day.   It is a tune that
if not written for the pipes, should have been,  Incidentally, their
arrangement,  lone piper for one chorus, whole band for two, and lone piper
for one is still the preferred one.
John, don't make me music director or the sheer power will go to my head

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