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Sinclairs involved in 57 murders

    The Moyse's Hall  a rare example of English Norman domestic architecture it holds secrets that we would like to forget. there was a Jewish community in Bury St Edmunds for about fifty years until 1190. On Palm Sunday 1190, fifty-seven Jews were killed  in the town, and later that year Abbot Samson expelled the Jewish community from the town. Christians in that period were forbidden to lend money at interest, but they often needed to borrow it and turned to the, Jewish community to provide it. Some Jews grew wealthy by lending money, wealthy enough to build stone houses. It has been suggested that the name Moyse comes from Moses.  There is a tradition, first recorded in 1771, that Moyse's Hall was built by a Jew however, Mose and Moyse are common Suffolk names18 March 1190 Crusaders including  two Sinclairs robbed and murdered 57 Jews in Bury St Edmonds  England.  If we are to tell the story let us together with deeds victorious and pages glorious look at the whole cloth. There is no word that admits of more varied signification, and has made more varied impressions on the human mind, than  that of liberty.
    We  continually present to ourselves  the difference  between independence and liberty. Liberty is a right of doing  whatever the laws permit. 
    The knights had the power,  in the name of God, to loot and pillage but the Liberty they took was not that of Christian charity or independence. As proud as we are of the acts of Knights  and our family involvement with them, this action  was independent of any liberty that ever existed.It is a blot, and grave on the honour of Crusaders, You will never build up an organisation by tearing the breath from another man. You can not honour your God by denying his creations life.