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Re: My Sinclair Connections.

Welcome to you Antonia.
I didn't realize we had to give our ancestry, but I suspect Milamba did 
ours. We also have a Sinclair - Clarke connection. My mother was a Mollie 
Clarke  who was British born and travelled to Australia with her parents 
when she was  seven. Dad of course, was Andrew John George Sinclair 
descended from the Sinclairs of  Lappan, and we discovered that he was New 
Zealand born as was his Mother.  I thought we were well established as 
Australian but in  reality we are Australasian. Grandpa Andrew William came 
out from Caithness and met Henrietta in the south of New Zealand.

Fortunately my brother has three Sinclair Grandsons, and my son added 
Sinclair to our name so he is Sinclair-Stokes.

Enjoy the list.

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