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My Sinclair Connections.

I joined the Sinclair Discussion Group yesterday and in compliance with your 
'rules', I am writing to outline my Sinclair connections.

Although having lived in France for the last 25 years, I am New Zealand born. 
My Great-grandfather Peter Sinclair CLARK, emigrated to New Zealand in the 
early 1860s. He was a cooper from Lybster in Caithness and his father, 
Sinclair Clark owned a fishing boat and fished out of Lybster.
Sinclair Clark's wife was Catherine SINCLAIR of Dunbeath. Catherine and 
Sinclair's handsome grave is in Clyth Cemetary and is located right next to 
the Clyth 'standing' stone.

I have another Sinclair connection from Shetland. The above mentioned Peter 
Clark met and married in New Zealand one Mary RUSSELL (Rusland), from 
Scalloway, Shetland. Her Paternal Grandmother was one Anne SCOTT whose mother 
(co-incidentally) was also a Catherine SINCLAIR.

There is an interesting reference to this Scott family in Sir Walter Scott's 
little book "The Voyage of the Pharos", which was written in diary form when 
he sailed around the North and West of Scotland in 1814 with Robert 
Stevenson, designer of Bell Rock Lighthouse and Grandfather to RLS.           

Although our Sinclair connection came through the maternal lines, the family 
has (at last count) approximately nine boys, including my Grandson, with 
Sinclair as a Christian name. (Lest we forget!)

In my family research, I have not been able to establish why my Great-great 
Grandfather (born 1800), had Sinclair as a Christian name. I have concluded 
that perhaps he was given it in honour of Sir John Sinclair of Ulbster, who 
did so much for the community of Lybster in the late 1700s.

Should you require further details such as dates etc, I would be happy to 
provide these.

Antonia Goodland-Clark.

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