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Re: The joy of research

on 09/03/01 13:53, Iain at iain.laird@btinternet.com wrote:

Dear Ian,

I have checked your (really nice) website and found the link to the GRO but
saw nothing available online. Or is it me who finds it so complicated every
time?!?  I am not especially in a hurry!, I could write (snail mail) and
wait for 3 months (minimum) for an answer to my query. But I'd like to clear
a few facts sooner! Any suggestions? All data that was available until a few
weeks ago on the Jesus Christ of latter day Saints' website has somehow
vanished! verything was there before Christmas, now all is gone (???). I
have some print outs but not my complete family line. Could a transfer of
the data have happened? Where to? If not, then, what may have happened?

Thanks for your help!


> Dear Francine
> Have a look at the links page on my website - GRO (S) (General Register
> Office for Scotland) "Scots Origins" to find Birth Marriage and Death
> Certificates from 1855 in Scotland, and OPR (Old Parish Registry) entries
> back to 1553 - there are very few records for other than the nobility before
> that.
> Yours aye
> Iain
> www.iain-laird.co.uk

>> Greetings to all,
>> Last summer I have joinded this list in the hope of finding some of my own
>> scottish history, a missing link so to speak. I hard a hard time finding
>> anything relevant here in Canada because the link dated from the time of
> the
>> Nouvelle-France, before England conquered the French.(...)

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