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Thank You Ian and Berrie of Noss Head

Ian  - Thank you so much for your hospitality!!  I loved my stay at the Laird's Retreat.  You were wonderful to spend time showing me Sinclair and Girnigoe castles, the study centre, and Sinclair aisle and Dunbar mausoleum.  Your dinners were great!  I enjoyed meeting Ruby, Jet, Smudge, and the sheep.  I just opened my package of merchandise.  Thank you so much for shipping that so promptly.  I'll probably stay up half the night as I can't wait to watch some of the videos and begin reading the books. 
Berrie  - Thank you for showing me around Antimarlach, Mey, John-O-Groats, and the northern beach.  You were very gracious.  Your knowledge of family and history is really impressive in one so young!
All Other List Members - If you haven't yet visited Caithness, make your plans now.  And remember to book the Laird's Retreat early as I'm sure it will be very much in demand. 
Belinda St.Clair Norman