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More Braddock/Fort Cumberland

Hello Neil 
The ill tempered Sir John St. Clair died in 1767, which would explain why he 
wasn't mentioned in Clarke's 'The Siege of Fort Cumberland1776 - An Episode 
in the American Revolution'.  (I believe Braddock also died in the 
French-Indian War, before the Revolutionary War).  
Sir John St. Clair's father was Sir George St. Clair, second Baronet of 
Scotland; married to Margaret Crawford.  
The parents of Sir George St. Clair (second Baronet, prior to Sept 1702) were 
Sir James St. Clair, "a cadet of the Sinclairs of Stevenson, Baronet of 
Scotland, patent not recorded and date unknown", married Isabel, daughter of 
Sir James Balfour.  
Sir John St. Clair, who succeeded as 3rd Baronet before Nov 1726, inherited 
only a small landed estate near Tarbet, Argyleshire.  He entered the army and 
served on the continent before arriving in the American colony to serve in 
the French-Indian War with Braddock. 
9 July 1755, SIr John was shot through the breast at Monogahela PA and 
carried to camp at Little Meadows and then to Fort Cumberland, where he 
stayed until the end of August.  
April 1757 St. Clair was at New Brunswick for the benefit of his health but 
by June he was again on the frontier of Pennsylvania preparing to join 
Stanwix's detachment.   
In 1765, in poor health, he returned home to Scotland, where his estate had 
been seized and sold.
17 March 1762,  Sir John St. Clair married Elizabeth Moreland at St. Mary's 
church, Burlington, New Jersey.  
1766, he was appointed Lieutenant-Colonel, 28th Foot in New Jersey.
Died 26 Nov 1767.  He was survived by his son Sir John St. Clair, who became 
the fourth Baronet and is said to have married a daughter of Sir William 
Lynn Sinclair
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