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The mention of some Sinclairs in Islay and Jura

Hi Sinclair clan,
In addition to the Sinclair list, I am on a list regarding the Island of Jura, because being very near Islay sometimes it has information that applies to my Islay Sinclairs. The newsletter is from JSBuie@aol.com. The following excerpt mentioned several Sinclairs so I thought I'd forward it JUST in case...
Regards to all,
Connie Sinclair
The following is a continuation of the Archibald Campbell of Jura 1764
debtors list which essentially forms a "heads of houshold" census for the
portion of Jura owned by the Campbells at that time.  For a discussion of the
place names please see JRN #56.  Kevin Byrne of Colonsay has communicated
that Kilvickcharmaig is in Knapdale  on the mainland.  The part in this issue
consists of mainly Islay people and locations which a few Jura intermixed.  
The final part in the next issue with be almost totally Jura.

Inventory of Grounds of debts found in the Repositories to the deceast Archd
Campbell of Jura  1764

26 Nov 1763    Duncan Shaw in Portaskaig
9 Jun 1763    David Simson mercht in Ilay
22 Jun 1763    Angus Campbell in Knocklench
7 Dec 1763    Colin Campbell in Erabolls
19 Nov 1763    Lagan Lochan [or Cochan]
19 Nov 1763    Receipt to the Acct. of the Owners of the Wharry [sic]
5 Mar 1762    John Sinclair on Dond Lindsay in Knockcrom [draft]
11 Jan 1763    Patrick McCuaig in Dluich drawn by Archd Montgomery & indorsed
blank to the defunct
9 Jan 1758    Archd Clerk
In this bundle is stated Accts betwixt the defunct and Major Dond Campbell on
the 19 Nov 1763

                         Kilchoman parish Bundle 2nd
10 Jul 1762    John McLean in Octofad and others for 3 Bolls meal... There's a
              note in an acct of the Ilay meal transaction wherein it is said
              that the delivery of this meal is uncertain and must be
              referred to Cameron's oath.
9 Jul 1762    Dond & Angus McConlays in Grimsay & Patrick McColman in
10 Jul 1762    Patrick Anderson in Balole  John Anderson Malcom McIlergan John
              McAlpine & Dun Ferguson in Cuile
9 Jul 1762    tenants of Kilneave
10 Jul 1762    tenants of Kilchoman
9 Jul 1762    Dond Smith and Dugd McLergan in Grimsa
12 Jul 1762    John McLean [in] Octofad
In this bundle there is an acct of meal give in Kilarrow & Kilchaman parishes

                         Kilmenny parish Bundle 3rd
12 Jul 1762    John & Archd Gillies in Carnbeg
12 Jul 1762    Dond McIlvrery Colin Campbell & Neil McIntyre all in Scanlastle
12 Jul 1762    Spence Smith in Balochroy & McCallum in Lorgin
10 Jul 1762    James McDon[al]d & Malcom Tallan in Balichleven
10 Jul 1762    Archd & Dugald Kellys & Hector McEachern in Kilcolmkill &
12 Jul 1762    Wm McCulliam in Roboles & Ardnahonis
10 Jul 1762    Dond Ferguson in Balcharvie
10 Jul 1762    John McDuffie & Duncan Carmachell in Kepolls
12 Jul 1762    Dond McDuffie in Ballyghillen and Archd Campbell in Ballochroy
12 Jul 1762    Archd Campbell of Ballacharvie
10 Jul 1762    farmers of Knocklerach
9 Jul 1762    Alexr Campbell innkeeper at Balochrory & John McVurich in
12 Jul 1762    Robert Adair in Stinshaw
10 Jul 1762    Alexr, Duncan & Hugh McDougals and others in Kilsleven
9 Jul 1762    Angus Sinclair in Bolsa & others
16 Jul 1762    William Lachlan and others in Balsmartin
12 Jul 1762    Archd Campbell [in] Balechlavan & others

                         Kildalton parish Bundle 4th
12 Jul 1762    Archd Williamson & Archd Mustan in Ardtella... This bill is
              discharged on the back by David Simson
10 Jul 1762    Wm Graham in Balevicker & others
12 Jul 1762    Hugh McArthur and others in Balichatrickin
12 Jul 1762    John McInnis and others ten[an]ts in Kilbride
12 Jul 1762    Duncan Campbell in Ardelistry

                          Kilarow parish Bundle 5th
6 Jun 1763    Alexander Montgomery on Angus Campbell in Persabus [draft]
10 Jul 1762    John Thompson gardner & James Cargill ___miller both in Skerols
9 Jul 1762    Iver Campbell & John McLucas in Gleib___
12 Jul 1762    John Ogilvy taylor & others
10 Jul 1762    Alexr Campbell in Dluich & others
9 Jul 1762    Archd Montgomery & others in Gortans___
9 Jul 1762    John Campbell in Knockan & others
9 Jul 1762    Duncan McNiven & others in Kilenalen
10 Jul 1762    Hugh McGail in Balochroy
10 Jul 1762    Angus McEachern in Taynaknock & others
12 Jul 1762    Robert Carrach _____ in Kilarow
9 Jul 1762    Richard McTavish & Dond Campbell _____
10 Jul 1762    John McFie & others in Scarebus
12 Jul 1762    Angus McIndear in Carabus & others
10 Jul 1762    Archd McCallum & others in Glengoy & Dr. Robertson's letter to
12 Jul 1762    Archd Simson in ___labus
10 Jul 1762    John Sinclair & Charles McLean in Gleib & Killarow
10 Jul 1762    Alexr Campbell in Balole for three bolls stone meal [letter]
12 Jul 1762    Archd McLachlan in Kilarow for 8 stone meal [letter]
12 Jul 1762    Archd Sinclair in Balole & others
10 Jul 1762    Neil Shaw in Leckbalole and Mrs. Campbell there

                                 Bundle 6th
22 Jan 1762    Duncan Campbell in Ardelistry
22 Jan 1762    Duncan Campbell in Ardelistry
4 Oct 1762    Shawfield _____
              About this bill is wraped Shawfield's letter to Jura for a bill
              of #44 & a _____ due to Shawfield & paid by Jura tho' not given
9 Dec 1762    Colin Campbell on John Campbell tacksman of Kintyre his brothr
              ... and letters of advice _____ Smith ... [draft]
29 Jun 1763    Dond Ferguson farmer in Small Ilay
29 Jun 1763    John McCurry farmer
29 Jun 1763    Malcom McEachern in Small
In this bundle are accts & inventorys relative to the fares and bills _____ to
be inventoried.

                              [to be continued]