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Dear Friends, 
Are there any Sinclair's from Ordiquihill on the list?  Would someone
please give me some details about Ordiquihill?  Does it still exist?  I
could not find it on a map that I ordered from Scotland.  

My GGG GF James SINCLAIR, B.Abt 1800, Ordiquihill ?, married Ann Yates,

1. GG GF James SINCLAIR B. April 25 1825 Ordiquihill, married Jane
Hardie, B. Methlick, Aberdeenshire, 
2. Ann SINCLAIR, B. MARCH 25, 1828, Ordiquihill.  She may have married
Ebenezer Henry Dec 8 1849 in    Ordiquihill.
3. Williamina SINCLAIR, B. Nov 21 1830, Ordiquihill.  She may have
married Peter Farquhar Oct 31 1868 in Enzie,    Banff.

I have been stuck on my GGG GF James for a couple years.  Checking the
IGI I see there are not many Sinclairs from Ordiquihill.

Some Ordiquihill strays I found (may or may not be related) are:

1. John Sinclair married Margaret Christie Jan 2 1817 in Ordiquihill. 
They had a daughter Margaret christened Jan 4 1824 in Ordiquihill.

2. James Sinclair and Jane Gill had six children:
	James Sinclair born Dec 18 1862, Banff, Banff
	Arthur Sinclair born July 29 1864, Ordiquihill.
	William Sinclair born March 2 1866, Ordiquihill.
	Margaret Mary Sinclair born March 22 1868, Ordiquihill.
	Emily Sinclair born Jan 24 1870, Ordiquihill.
	John Sinclair born Jan 25 1872 Ordiquihill.

3. Mary Sincklar christened Feb 14 1727, Ordiquihill.  Father John
4. Janet Sinclar christened Sept 23 1729, Ordiquihill. Father John
5. John Sinclair and Margaret Christie had two children.  Lachlan
Sinclair christened Oct 20 1818, Ordiquihill,    and Isobel Sinclair
christened June 6 1822, Ordiquihill.

Does anyone recognize any of the names?

Here's hoping,

Les Sinclair
St. Catharines, Ont
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