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Dear Les,
              Thanks for your reply.  Unfortunately I have no idea where in 
St. Catherines that Marion was born.  She died in Penticton many years ago 
and is buried at Naramatta on Lake Okanagen where she and her husband Dr 
David Boyd, MD lived.  Their son Peter Boyd in Nanaimo just returned home 
from the funeral of his father in Penticton.  Thanks for the offer anyway.  
Just goes to prove, once again, that we must keep records of our lives if we 
want people to have a way to follow up.  As a matter of interest re 
Argentina.  I am married to an Irish lassie called Mary nee Edwards, who had 
two grand aunts and one grand uncle go to live in Argentina due to the potato 
famine.  Quite a few people left Ireland and worked on farms in Argentina and 
the Falklands.  We have been in touch with her people who are in a town 
called Pergomina, a farming community about 100 klm from Buenos Aires.  Small 
world as they say.  All the best.  Donald J.H.
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