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Re: St.Clair

At 13:58 11/02/01 -0500, you wrote:
In the San Francisco Bay area we are honored by having the St. Clair name
showcased quite often in the newspaper Sports section. This morning's story

Stanford's St. Clair is a hotshot
Lauren St. Clair hit a career high six 3-pointers
and scored a season high 24 points as the
Stanford University Cardinal beat Oregon State 87-76
Saturday night for it's seventh straight victory,

P.S. Lauren is from Pennsylvania.
  If Lauren is from Pennsylvania, he may a direct descendant of Major General
Arthur St Clair who from 1779 lived at Plattstown and, latterly, at Chestnut Ridge
where he died on August 31st, 1818.

I note from the "St Clairs of the Isles" a Laura in the General's descendants but not a Lauren
which is not surprising at the "St Clairs of the Isles" only takes us up to the middle of the
19th Century which is well before Lauren's likely date of birth or indeed the 'birth' of Stanford
University (1891) which Lauren so ably represents on the sports field.

We need to know more about this high hitting St Clair.

Niven Sinclair