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More about the Norman Sinclairs

It has been kindly pointed out that I gave the impression (no, I just flat
out said it by mistake) that William the Warling of St. Clair had been the
leader of the insurrection against King Henri of France during the youth of
Duke William and resulted in the battle of Val-es-Dunes where our Walderne,
Lord of St. Clair and his brother, Hamon Count of Mortain died.
   Guy of Burgundy was the leader of the insurrection and was supported by
Hamon and Walderne and many others.  I don't know that we can assume that
had Guy been victorious, the St. Clairs would have continued their support
or whether they would have gone on to stir up support for their own cause
but at this time in history Guy was the acknowledged challenger to King


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