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Dear Sinclair cousins:  This is my first posting.  I am considering
sending postcards with the following message to random Sinclairs in
Argentina and de Quirogas in Bolivia.  While I am getting this message
transcribed to Spanish I was wondering if anyone knows of a Sinclair or
de Quiroga contact there.  

(My name is Leslie Sinclair.  I live in Canada.  My granduncle is
Donaldson Sinclair.  He was born September 5, 1880 in Scotland. He
immigrated to Argentina.  He married Mary from Bolivia.  They had a
daughter Mary Sinclair and a son Robert Donaldson Sinclair born about
1905 and several other children.  Their daughter Mary Sinclair married
Juan Lacki.  Their son Robert Donaldson Sinclair had a daughter Maria
born about 1930-1931.  Maria married Rafael de Quiroga.  In 1959 Roberto
Donaldson Sinclair lived with his daughter Maria de Quiroga in
Cochabamba, Bolivia.  Rafael was a mining engineer in partnership with
his brother with five freight airplanes. Maria and Rafael de Quiroga had
a son named Rafael Roberto de Quiroga who was born about March 1958 in

Please help me locate my long lost cousins in Argentina and Bolivia so I
can share our Sinclair family tree heritage with them.  I can be
contacted at the following address.)


Leslie Sinclair
20 Stonegate Drive
St. Catharines, Ontario
L2P 3L2

E-mail les.sinclair@sympatico.ca
Phone 1-905-988-1736
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