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Re: Sinclair family webiste & Mar

a little correction about my message.

   I said ".  They joined up with the northern Picts to oppose
the Scottish kingdom established by Kenneth MacAlpin in the 840s.   It
remained autonomous for 300 years.  Two of its rulers, Macbeth and Lulach,
actually ruled Scotland.  There is an incomplete list in this book plus a
    I was referring to the information on the Earls of Mar being incomplete
not the Earls of Orkney for that period.


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> Hello Ollie, I'd be real interested in seeing this website as I have been
> unable to learn anything about Alicia de Fenton.
> I will also send on my file of Scottish Sinclairs which contains some of
> names you mention. (The Earl of Orkney line is probably flawed as Laurel
> pointed out)

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