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  I have received a couple of private e-mails and one from the list regarding the molecular genealogy.  I will respond to all via the discussion list since we all belong.
  My father is a Mormon.  Brigham Young Univ. is the one doing this testing and collection of blood and the study of it.  As we know, the Univ. if of Mormon decent.
  I will give you a brief summation from the flyer that my father brought home with him:
  "Molecular Genealogy links individuals together in "family trees" based on the unique identification of enetic markers.  This is accomplished by using the information encoded in the DNA of an individual and/or population to determine the relatedness of individuals, families, tribal groups, and populations.  Pedigrees based on genetic markers can reveal relationships not detectable in genealogies based only on names, written records, or oral traditions.  There may be a number of individuals named John Smith, but a genetic identification is unique and can even discriminate between closely related individuals or those sharing the same name.  There is not another individual that has ever lived on the earth or that will ever live that has the same genetic composition.  The fact that DNA is inherited and that each individual is the product of his/her progenitors means that DNA cam be used to not only creat unique identifications, but also to identify members of the same family, the same clan or tribal group, or the same population."
  You can visit their website at http://molecular-genealogy.byu.edu or 
e-mail them at molecular-genealogy@email.byu/edu
  Ask for the flyer.  It's very informative.  Too much to put on the discussion list.
  Donna St. Clair Willis 

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