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Re: Thanks, John & Auch

At 13:08 15/01/01 -0600, you wrote:
John, thanks for the info - I really was perplexed not only
because I received no answer to my question but because I
could not find any trace of it in my own records.

Wouldn't yoy know - I zinged off a letter to Niven immediately
prior to receiving your explanation in which I lamented the
loss of the message and asked him about Auch among other things.

The message is repeated below and I hope it gets off this time
but I want to ask if this little box that I post my message in
can be increased in size or can the space provided be word wrapped?

I believe that maybe someone else asked you the same thing
(I think maybe I saw that in my perusal of the archives last night.

The previous letter which didn't get there: -

Subject: Auch
I had a ggggrandmother by the name of Isabella Auchmuty,
born April 3, 1772 - her father was Captain Samuel Auchmuty.

Isabella was the wife of my ggggrandfather Daniel St. Clair
who had come from Scotland to America at the age of 12 in
In numerous places including a recent message on this list I
have noticed the Auch used as a prefix to many names. 

Does anyone know if the Auch has any special significance?

Anything else that I know of Samuel is that he was married
to a Sarah Miller.

Isabella & Daniel had 9 children - Daniel was a Drummer in
the American Revolution, Isabella received a widows pension
in 1850 of $108.00 per annum; she died at the age of 87 in

Last night I perused the 'List'archives and discovered that
this Daniel/Isabella genealogy has already been posted.  Ok,
so if any one is interested I am one of the descendents.

Thanx,  Neil  

Dear Neil,

It may not be your Samuel but there was a Sir Samuel Auchmuty
(1758-1822) who was born in New York, the son of a clergyman.
He entered the British Army as a volunteer in 1777 and during the
War of Independence (1775-1783) served in three campaigns
against the American colonists.  He later served in India (1783-1797)
and took part in the Third Mysore War (1790-1792) and was one of
Sir David  Baird's chief lieutenants in the desert march to support
Abercromby at Alexandria, Egypt in 1801.

Crossing the Atlantic, he captured Monte Video in 1806 and,
afterwards, commanded in the Carnatic in Java and in Ireland
in 1821.  After a very exciting life, he died in Ireland in 1822.

The only other surname beginning with Auch which springs
readily to mind is Major General Sir Claude Auchinleck who
commanded the British 8th Army in North Africa until relieved
by Wavell.  In Scotland Auchinleck is frequently abbreviated
to and pronounced Affleck.

I am asking some of my Gaelic speaking friends about the meaning
of Auch  (which prefixes many place names in Scotland) but, at a
guess, I would say it meant 'field'.

There is a village in the Black Isle (Invernessshire) which is called
Auch but which is spelt Avoch

Niven Sinclair
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