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Re: A "Rood" Question

Dear Kevin:
Without looking it up... and my memory of old English (which was the
language only slightly modified that became lowland Scots)  'rood' has the
same entymology as modern 'reed'  only it usually means 'tree' in old
English.   The country gospel song "Tramp on the Street" has the line "Jesus
He died on Calvary's Tree"
It is not a stretch to see that Rood or Holy Rood becomes Holy Tree.  There
is a great old Anglo-Saxon poem called "the Dream of the Rood" in which a
man dreams of the pain experienced by the tree that became the cross upon
which Jesus was crucified.  It is very compelling and was a "gestalt"  thing
1200 years before Frtiz Perls and Esalon.

A pantler is the officer of a household who is in charge of the pantry.
Later it became panter or baker.


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