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Holy Rood: Scot

Subj: Holy Rood as an energetic device in Scot grid system. Sinclairs "control."
You inserted an interesting comment: "There is a reference to the "Holy Rood becoming one of the most important objects in the regalia of Scotland." ... (I believe that it was so important because it represented the descent from Margaret of the Cerdic Kings of England but it might be that over the years this significance might have been forgotten)"
Here's an idea I am using in the attempt at understanding Scotland's role in the larger European/planetary energetic grid system. Lets' expand the understanding of "regalia of Scotland" to include the thought that the "regalia" ("...emblems, symbols, or paraphernalia indicative of royalty or of office or membership") of Scotland could more importantly correlate with the Planetary grid system for Europe controlled by the Edinburgh Reshel Matrix (40 mile diameter) controlled by Rosslyn Chapel and generated at Holy-Rood Sanctuary (Palace, Church, et al) at Arthur's Seat (primary mountain there).
A main energy axis (ley line) extends from Thurso south through the Holy-Rood park, Rosslyn, Glastonbury Tor, Sark in the Channels, and into the San Sebastian/Hendaye matrix in Spain. This is crossed (as a grid base) by the line between Santiago De Compostela to Stes. Maries de la Mer with the Hendaye matrix in its center. This grid is more complex but these two lines in a Tau Cross set it up. This grid inserts a huge "seeding" organization of energy and consciousness into Europe. 
Edinburgh controls the whole grid system ...I've found 8 of the type the Templars used... and Holy-Rood in Edinburgh both generates the Edinburgh system and also sits square on the main grid axis. The "Rood Screen" in a temple is on its main axis. The codes installed in the Screen program the axis and the carvings, etc. in the Screen might or might not describe the main theme of the codes as actually used. This is the priests' business, being able to manage this high and holy alchemy. ("Holy" means "set apart" or "nazir" in Hebrew; that is, it is the Unmanifest God and absolute divine Source.) 
So, if the whole grid system in Europe, seeded by this specific grid, is considered to be a temple then Edinburgh is the Holy-Rood Screen for the huge Earth Temple. The sacred geometry, a very unique system called the "Reshel" (Chief Head Stone of God), is the same used in the Marian Cathedrals, Rosslyn, and earth grids ...as well as the Edinburgh Reshel Matrix. 
This "Reshel Matrix" also includes a subsystem from Holyrood Park (Arthur's Seat) that links into the governmental buildings. The small St Andrew's Chapel (ruin) there is the pivotal point. The lakes are energy reservoirs. The spiritual input for the interface between the Earth Grids (via the Holy-Rood) and Government is in the Church by the Palace of Holyrood House. Although the Government can interlink into the Planet's higher energetics ...that is, if its program is spiritually acceptable and of high enough frequency... it is at Rosslyn Chapel that the whole control is exercised (subject to the same extraordinarily high order of spiritual clarity and excellence).
The geometry and its application was understood by St. Columba who installed (or rebooted) the same grid in Edinburgh that the Sinclair Templars later brought back on line. Columba included the Lindisfarne Holy Island and the Iona/Staffa Islands in the same system. Holy-Rood is on his line also, they cross and span Scotland. Edinburgh and Glastonbury are poles, as in a battery, linking with the Holy Head at Anglesey (shaped as a head with extended arm/hand) using the 26.3 Bethlehem Angle ...a special energy harmonic also found (I believe) in the Sinclair Engrailed Cross, it its vesica piscis cups. 
Another rich area for contemplation, not expanded on here, is the name of "Arthur's Seat" connecting the mountain with the archetypal "Destiny/Kingdom Stone" carved as a throne (with a pool adjacent) charged by the priests with the qualities of the Kingdom. (A perfect example of this is still at Rennes Les Bains, the Languedoc, France.) The Ruler was coronated on/as it ...if the Kingdom was "sick" the Ruler became the same as a "Lame King." This Kingdom-Stone was also the "Chief Foundation Stone" correlated with the Christ, Yeshua. The deepest mystery of this Stone is found (if not explained) in Ps 118:18-23. I'm inserting the idea along with the Holy-Rood in that "Arthur's Seat" will identify by name and function the primary aspects intended to generate this key 40-mile matrix connecting all Europes' highest grid system(s). Also to point up the Templars' intense focus on this Stone as a decapitated head or skull, the Hebrew letter Resh drawn originally as a head.
This system is very complicated. I'm just pointing out the huge importance of Edinburgh as a Holy Rood Screen and its greater harmonics. Write directly to me if there are questions, ideas.

Blessed Be...
Bill Buehler