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Reconstruction Additions to Web Page

I have posted six (6) more of the talented Andrew Spratt's reconstructions
on my web page.  If you are interested, please pay a visit.  There is also a
link from the page below to my home page.  Feel free to leave a note in the



1) The Whitekirk Tithe Barn?  Look under the Whitekirk Castle section.
Andrew also did an overlay of the current House as to how the castle might
have looked.  Pretty neat, Andrew!

2) The Tantallon castle with Rock Bass in the distance is also included with
another reconstruction of Bass Rock with a closer view.

3) Those warriors look mighty fierce at the Sacking of Newcastle by the
Scots in 1402, prior to the Battle of Homildon Hill....and see a rendition
of the Battle of Homildon Hill.

These reconstructions are in addition to Girnigoe, Roslin Castle, Sinclair
of Herdmanston Castle,  Ravenscraig, and Ackergill Castles, etc......all
with Andrew's narratives regarding each print.

Thank you Andrew for these fine additions.

Mel Sinclair
Clan Sinclair, USA
Commissioner, South Carolina

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The Human Resource Solutions Company
224 Bransfield Rd., Suite 100
Greenville, SC  29615
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