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Re: Happy New Year

Hello Rick,

Glad to meet you!!   It was great to hear that you are from the London, 
Ontario area.   My Sinclairs lived in Lobo Township, Ontario, Canada.    I 
have found that from the copies of inside of the front pages .... my cousin 
from California sent me.  His mother wrote a little bit of our family 
history.   So.... I went to do some further research and found them in the 
Census Records in Lobo.  In further additions last summer, I have found the 
book (from Ft. Wayne - Allen Co. Genealogy Library) titled, "The Heritage of 
Lobo  1820- 1990"   Here is a short story of how the Sinclairs came to Canada:

Sinclair (John)

     In Argyleshire, Scotland on the western shore of Loch Awe, in one of the 
valleys leading to the Loch, stands the little village of Corriebuie. The 
village consisted of a clump of small stone houses, thatched roofed, and flag 
stone floored. In one of the houses lived Lauchlan Sinclair and his wife Sara 
McIntyre. Their family consisted of four boys: Lachlan, a shepherd, who died 
in Scotland, JOHN  (kt - here  --- my 4th great grandfather), Peter, and 
Duncan, and four girls: Mary, Nancy, Sara, and Catherine all of whom 
emigrated to Canada. 
     In the year 1819 John Sinclair and his sister Sara came to Canada. Sara 
remained at Ancaster and John located on his homestead, Lot 6 Con. 6 Lobo. 
The next year the rest of the family followed. They sailed from Greenoch in a 
sailing ship which was the only method of navigation in those days. After a 
voyage of three months on the Atlantic, they landed at Montreal and 
transferred to smaller boats for the trip to Little York. They called at 
Ancaster for Sara who accompanied them. 
     John  (1791-1826) married Effie Johnson d. 1893, daughter of Archie 
Johnson and Margaret McMurphy (see Johnson). They had three children: 
Archibald, Sara (kt- here-- My 3rd ggrandmother)  who married Peter McVicar 
of Sarnia and Lauchlin who died in 1931. 

There are the rest of the families of Archibald (1825- 1912) and Duncan 
(1858-1925) that doesn't need to be typed out.  Anyways, that is how my 
Sinclairs came and we've been told the same oral history of how they came 
throughout the generations... and that is still all true today.  Its 
remarkable how accurate it was told.  Didn't all the Sinclairs from Argyll 
came to the same area in London, Ontario for the sake of staying together??   
Did they leave Argyll because of the Highland clearances?? Perhaps... they 
left because they were thinking they will survive better in Canada??   I've 
been wondering why they all left.   I have found them a little bit further in 
another email I sent yesterday.  I'm hoping to find it a little bit more 
further.  I know it will be harder.  Thats the genealogist in me!!  I know 
everyone here takes pride in our ancestory.  I'm getting excited because I 
feel everyone is opening more clues here right now about the Argyll 
Sinclairs.  I feel like it has been sleeping for a while and no one talked 
about it.  I'm glad to we all brought up this conversation.    I took a look 
at your website and I do think we probably came from this same family from 
back in Scotland. Yours came much later (1826 or something like that) than 
mine came in 1820.  

Kozy Tennant
South Carolina
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