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Oak Island

Some time ago William Buehler mentioned a book, "Ancient Mines of
Kitchi-Gummi" by Roger Jewell.

Roger does not claim to be a researcher but has collected the researcher of
many many people concerning unexplained elements in North America.  One of
these is the disappearance of 20 to 50 million pounds of copper mined along
eastern Lake Superior.  He proposes that this happened over 1200 year period
between 2400-1200 BC.   These dates coincided with the building of
Stonehenge (this was done in several stages over a long period too), and
other sites in England and Orkney, (America's Stonehenge, Oak Island???).
Also during this period the native American culture was at a higher standard
but suddenly deteriorated around 1200 BC with coincides with events in the
Mediterranean that Mr. Jewell believes ended the copper trade.   This
enormous amount of copper can not be accounted for in the archaeological
excavations on this continent but it would just take 3 ships a year over
1200 years to move that amount of copper.
   It's just a little book 164 pages but full of pictures, illustrations and
research of people that could not account for so many anomalies.  Mr. Jewell
feels that years ago these people would have been ridiculed if they would
have proposed a connection with Europe but now he feels that these theories
will be viewed differently today.
    So these could be the people that had the knowledge to create the money


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