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Re: Oak Island

There were at least three organisations referred to as 'The 'Priory of Sion'

1) A neo-fascist esoteric group founded in France by Pierre Plantard in
1956 - a very real outfit despite the fact that most of the founders and
addresses listed in its charter are non-existant. It probably still operates
today under one form or another.

2) A  medieval monastic order with origins in the Holy Land and estates in
France. Again real and provable.

3) The so-called 'Priory of Sion' as described in 'The Holy Blood and the
Holy Grail'  supposedly a secretive organisation that operated under the
guise of (2) above and, it was claimed, who founded and controlled the
Templars. This fantsay was a clever piece of inellectual fraud perpetrated
by Philipe de Cherisy and Pierre Plantard to substantiate and 'legitimise'
Plantard's claim to noble and royal ancestry.

Best wishes


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