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Henry, Oak Island, and Florida


	I especially keep an open mind about possibilities, and there is frankly as
much physical evidence linking Henry with Oak Island as there is linking him
with say Guysborough, Pictou, and the Florida election results. I guess my
Oak Island research hasn't consolidated into a personal theory - the place
drives me nuts every time I think of the destruction of a beautiful spot...I
torture the government about the fact that they're every bit as responsible
for the closing of the Island as anyone else...

	In my mind, Oak Island has been used by more than one group over a period
of indeterminate time, I have no idea what for, although there are lots of
interesting theories...with gene mapping, pre-Columbian exploration
discussions, a growing global knowledge and appreciation of nautical history
and ability,  I set the date sometime before now...some of the discussions
on this list touch on matters than are speculated to date back 10-12,000
years...There is a fully excavated 10,600 year old Paleo-Indian site 100
miles away as the crow flies in Debert, Nova Scotia.

	 The carbon dating of the platforms and wood in the pit may just be the
dating of the latest construction/re-construction, replacing worn or rotted
materials from many years previous...

	What's my date? I don't know, and frankly there aren't too many people who
do, if anyone really knows. I wait for more information and keep an open

	I keep trying to explain to Dan Blenkenship that I actually don't care
about what is at the bottom of the pit - something he doesn't even remotely
begin to understand through his obsession - my main goal is to spread
knowledge and information and open the place up to people who are seeking
something through the story...it's kinda what I do around the province in my
day-to-day work and life...

	Really, not all that much money was spent on Oak Island - especially
considering the 200 years that have gone into it, Canadians spent more on
Pokemon this year...or rum even...Britney Spears can earn more in a
night...Madonna 25 times more in a night, apparently...The problem was the
government stood by while a potential archeological site was destroyed by
kids digging in the mud basically - only they were boys with big toys...It
wouldn't have happened in Egypt or the U.K.

	Also Bruce, while we're at it...and not to dredge this up again but, I
certainly wasn't including you in my suggestion that some people on this
list should stop slagging each other and go defend themselves on the POS
list, I completely understand your comments about that list...I just thought
some of us had better things to do than insult each other when the clan is
under enough external attack...

			be well,
				rob cohn
				halifax, nova scotia

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