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RE: Oak Island

My 2 cents worth is this.
I agree with Rob, there is no evidence that Prince Henry is associated with
Oak Island,
however, I hold him as a strong candidate until more evidence is

My reasons, follow the logic that the Templars or Grail knights did come to
the New World with him or before him.
Next, the years from the arrests to the Prince Henry's journey create a time
bridge of oppotunity for them to travel back and forth across the Atlantic
The Sinclair's were/are the keeper of the Holy relics.
Scotland was threatened by the English, the Papal edicts, and a threatened
European crusade against the nation.
The Albigensian crusade had ended only 80 years before in southern France.
The holy relics and the Templars were no longer safe in Scotland!

So there is ample reason to crustruct or use the Oak island construction for
safe keeping.
But admittedly evidence to support it is lacking.  A good thing in my
If I had a secret, I wouldn't want ample evidence around that reveals my

Lastly, I do not read Coptic, but my information is the copy of the markings
on the stone are actually Phoenician.
>From memory, is coptic more of a flowing script, where Phoenician is angular
The two might be similiar.  But if it is phoenican then I am wagering BIG
TIME the PH Sinclair or the Templars are involved.
Its a masonic insight.  Remember the William St Clair was already hereditary
Grand Master of the guilds and masons.
Therefore his forebears were the hereditary Grand Masters.....

Finally, can someone please check if the stones in the South/East corner of
Rosslyn Chapel bear any Markings on them.
I would not be suprised if they are there, and they resemble the Oak Island

Please allow Tim to contribute if and when he is comfortable to do so.
We need to get beyond that blow-up.


-----Original Message-----
From: Rob Cohn [mailto:robc@hfx.andara.com]
You wrote: When they reached about the 50 foot depth they pulled up a flat
stone with symbols etched into it. The moderator said that they were Coptic
words which translate to English as, "below this point is buried 2000 pounds
of gold". The stone itself was represented to have originated somewhere in
Egypt as someone analyzed the rock structure.

The original stone has lost for almost a century and, to my knowledge, there
is no "known" replication of what was inscribed on the original stone.
Anyone who claims to have a copy of the actual inscription should have the
document investigated thoroughly (and then we'd all love to see it!) There
are several descriptions of the stone itself, but there is no actual

The common "translation" is cited in most books as being: "Forty feet below
2 million pounds are buried".

You wrote: Now my question for the historians in our family is if Prince
Henry was thought to have ordered the Pit constructed where did the Coptic
symbols come from? Could it be the tie in with the Templars? Would Prince
Henry have learned the Coptic alphabet while on Crusade in the Holy Lands?
Or is the whole thing an elaborate hoax?

Prince Henry is not reliably thought to have anything to do with Oak Island
directly - I cannot speak of others views towards indirect connexions...
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