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Sinclair Community College--Ohio

I happened across this the other day.  Thought it might be interesting to 
some to know of the existence of a college bearing the Sinclair name.  Other 
such colleges/schools exist elsewhere?

A Link to their site, and a bit on the history of the college:
[Curious: Anyone on the list link to/.know of the David Sinclair mentioned 

Site: http://www.sinclair.edu/information/about/history.htm

Copied from the site/pasted here:

Sinclair's early history is entwined with that of the Dayton

YMCA. In 1887, the YMCA offered arithmetic, free hand and

mechanical drawing classes in a one-room evening school.

Courses in business administration were offered later when the

YMCA moved to a larger building at West Third and Ludlow

streets in 1910.

The YMCA moved once again, in the fall of 1929, to its present

site on Monument Avenue. The curriculum had now been

organized into several disciplines including a school of Liberal

Arts, the Dayton YMCA Office Training School, the Dayton

Law School, and the Dayton Technical School which began,

itself, to offer college level courses in 1938.

In 1948, the YMCA College became Sinclair College when it

was renamed in honor of David A. Sinclair, general secretary of

the Dayton YMCA from 1874- 1902 and founder of the

educational program.

Although Sinclair was still housed in the YMCA buildings, by

1959 the college was independently operated and separately

incorporated as a non- profit institution of higher learning under

the laws of the State of Ohio. The State Board of Education

authorized Sinclair to continue to conduct a junior college

program and confer associate degrees in arts and sciences.

The Montgomery County Community College district was

created by Montgomery County Commissioners in June, 1965,

and one month later, they appointed a nine-member board of

trustees. Downtown land, 20 acres in all, was acquired for the

new campus. . . . 
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