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Fwd: RE: Sinclair Study Center

Hi Donald
Thanks for the message.

Yes.  I am aware of the Sinclair Study Centre although I have not had any
contact with them as yet.  I hope to make some links to their web sites.  I
did find one quite by accident a few weeks ago when looking for something
else on the Internet.  I have not yet made the necessary links.  It seems
like a great ide and the location is certainly fantastic.  Given the
connection with Sinclair and Girnigoe castles nearby I am sure it will be a
popular destination for many people over the coming years.

I am glad you are enjoying the Bulletins from the Field club.  We have 27
years of them to get through and I have been given a loan of an entire set
from the Caithness Field Club to put on the site.  They originally has a
readership of the member which is about 150.   Now the readership is already
in the many thousands  - we can see from our site statistics - incredible
stuff this technology.  Articles in the Bulletins contain a wealth of
information with articles written by members and invited writers on many
topics.  Almost all are on Caithness or at least have a Caithness
connection.  I have not read them all yet myself but the range of topics as
amazing.  It has certainly given the web site a fantadstic resource for a
long time to come as we publish the set.  The later years which I put on
first were available from disk as a computer had been used in the
production.  the earlier years have been prepared the old fashioned way on a
typewriter and require a lot more work.  So I will have to scan and correect
the errors and so on.  Luckily a lady has volunteered to help with that work
and so I will not have to do it all myself.   We will put the articles on as
they are prepared.

I am looking around for other sources of local information which might be of
interest.  One unusual source  - and again it shows the power of this
technologty is coming from a lady in Canada.  We had been putting up somne
references to the North highland Archive in Wick and I mentioned somewhere
about geneaology and a Mrs Miller contactyed me to say she had been
researching her family history in Caithness for many years.  Well she has
masses of information and never even been to Scotland.  she has a collection
of about 1800 family and other pictures gathered from all over the world.
Charts of her family and other connected families, newspaper articels and
much more.  We are going to try and give a flavour of a tiny part of what
she has done by creating pages to display it.  It would require a large web
site and a lot of time to show it all.  But as a way of shiowing what can be
found in various places abpout Caithness families I think it willbe good.

I was in USA earlier this year  - NY, Philadelphia, Palm Beach, Key West.  I
actually went to the state capital and was in the Government building in
Tallahassee - I can hardly believe is is on our TV every day now over the
election problems.  I have pictures of me standing outside the building
wehere the BBC reporters keep doing their bit in front of the cameras.
Before this I think most people here only knew about Miami and Disneyland in
Florida.  So now at least everyone knows the capital of Florida.  Ironically
it appears that we in Wick have a minor similar problem.  I stood for our
local Community Council which has no power and is more of a consultitative
group and guess what they have apparently mucked up the ballot papers.  For
the first time they held a postal ballot to try and increase participation.
however they have accidentally sent ballot papers to areas on the outskirts
of Wick which are not in the area covered by the Community Council.  We are
waiting tody to hear if they wil have to recall or start the process again
and hold another Ballot - what a mess - but at least it is on a tiny scale
with only about 5000 voters involved.   Still it shows how easy it is to
slip up.

Bye for now and thanks for the message.

Bill Fernie

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Hello again Bill. I wondered if you were aware of the Sinclair Study Center
and the Niven Sinclair Library at Noss Head Light. Iain Sinclair, a
native, has been transforming the old light into a center for Sinclairs
worldwide. Standing above Sinclair's Bay with a beautiful view of the
Girnigoe / Sinclair castles there is now accommodations for travelers.
Highland cattle and ponies have been added to the sheep on the estate
I thought it might make good reading for you site. I must say I for one
thoroughly enjoy reading the Caithness Field Club bulletins. Keep up the
outstanding work.

Donald Sinclair (Indianapolis USA)