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Re: Sinclair matters


>An excellent monologue on civil discourse and good for you for
>not being side-tracked by the "political correctness" diversion.


>(Not a big fan of P.C. but let it not be forgotten that it got its start in
>to give people a fair shake but like any uni-dimensional explanation of how
>things work, found itself lacking when applied to everything).
>Some may chafe at these rule or rules at all (bet these same ones obey
>traffic lights, tho')
>but I for one find them neither onerous nor obnoxious and it is plain, to me
>at least,
>that such rules can only lead to happier interchange on our list.

One can only hope.

>O.W.H., the great dissenter, was your cousin!  Really?

Distant, and by marriage:

>A personal hero to this Canadian of no great consequence.

He had a way with words, he did.

>Rory in Toronto

John S. Quarterman <jsq@matrix.net> (back in Austin)
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