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Jean and Margaret

  I am finding it very offensive to me to have to read/see all of these attacks on the discussion list. 
  It appears that some people have forgotten what "family" means.  No matter what the last name is or how it is spelled, we are all family here.
  I have the utmost respect for Jean and Margaret Stokes and I am sure that quite a few members of the list also have this respect. 
  If this is what the discussion list is for - to degrade people and to treat them offensively and ridicule them - them I am ashamed to be a member of this "family".
  I think it is time a few members of the list were reminded a guite a good old saying.  "If you can't say something nice, then keep your mouth shut!"
  I was going to  yell it so everyone could hear me, but I was nice and said it quietly.
  Now may we get back to genealogy?   Please?
  Donna St. Clair Willis

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