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L-Gates and Camels

(Subject: L-gate: Psalms reference. Shamir and Serpent Staff. Hebrew Alphabet codes)
 FOR IAN (kermit),
You asked: "I found William Buehler`s piece on the knight of the Cart fascinating [& certainly want to learn more on the subject] & would like to ask if the reference to : - Ps 118:18-24 is to the Christian Psalms?"
COMMENT: "Psalms" is a book in the Jewish Scriptures (one mustn't use "Old Testament"; politically improper). The specific grid system I have been specializing in ("Reshel") and the one I've been finding in many grid systems in Europe as well as the Americas apparently most recently used extensively by the Templars, uses two systems of "L-Gates." The "L" geometrically is the short version of a golden ratio rhombus' two axes which is the more complete form but the L is simpler and when the operator is installing systems covering many hundreds of miles (or just small temples) it is much more convenient to just use the triggering mechanism of the L.
The "two systems" in the Reshel ...translates as "Chief Head Stone of God"... are found as a double system and then one primary one activating in sequence. RE the Ps. 118 reference these are respectively: the "Gates of Righteousness" (:19) and "Gate of the Lord" (:20). When reading this note that the "builders refused" the Head/Corner stone; read "refused" as "eliminated" (this is all in Hebrew). Then understand that when working with "stone", including pulling out the sword, that the stone does not exist! It is hollow throughout. That is, matter is a projection of the Void/Unmanifest God. One begins with the ultimate Source and works outward, not the reverse. If we moved more deeply into this dynamic we'd move into the Gate formats, too large a subject here.
Other Stone references you would wish to check: (1) Simeon ben Yona (so called "Peter") was named "Kaffa" (hollow stone) by Yeshu (John 1:42)... the "Hollow-ness" is the divine essence of the stone; and (2) the "Gate of Heaven" related to "Bethel" ...Jacob did an "L-shift" in shifting his pillow (head) stone into a pillar, thus setting a harmonic with the "ladder set upon the earth"... Genesis 28:10-22. These are two examples of many; I selected these as two different systems using the same basic L dynamic.
THE TEMPLES' 3 PILLARS: There is a more subtle add-on to the 2 systems in Ps 118. You will remember that there are two pillars at "the gate" to the Temple: Boaz to the left and Yah-chen to the right. In actual practice the two L's of the Reshel (Gates of Righteousness) correlate with the two pillars which must be mastered prior to establishing the 3rd or central pillar. The central one is the primary working pillar. Its horizontal component becomes the Temple's axis. In Rosslyn there is one altar in the lower crypt that operates one of the L's in the Christic part of the grid system. This is inside the building where the human must come up to Christ-Unity to open that last gate while the complementary L is out of the building too holy for humans to mess with. The primary "Resh" or control point is inside the so-called "Monk's Cell" or Sacristy against the east wall. This altar point (none there now) is the most sacred "Christ as the Chief Head Stone" control point that opens the central pillar and axis of the Chapel. When this is active the primary altar of the Chapel is open, the main Gate center: the Lady Altar (not a physical altar there) in the Lady Chapel, at the east wall on the main axis.
FOR NIVEN: I think that your correlation of the head on Henrys' Arms with the camel is quite perceptive and I'd agree that it is a more subtle overlay on the symbolism. I believe that Henrys' Arms provide a schematic for a large earth grid in which the axis of the grid extends from Thurso, the eye of the head south to San Sebastian/Hendaye, through Glastonbury Tor and also Arthur's Seat in Holy-Rood in Edinburgh. The more obvious working dynamic follows St. Columba's usage: that the head is that of the Shamir or serpent upraised on the Staff ...the Staff of Aesculpius and Staff of Moses. Yeshu is likened to the same serpent in John 3:14-15 where this uplifting relates to rebirth, not just healing. Thus I view this long axis, which includes the large Grail grid in GB, as the "Staff" and the Shamir (and Camel) as the uplifted Serpent. There is also a functional "bird" with this serpent, represented by Orkney (Arcady: translates in Hebrew: "breast and perception of fire/lightning" ...other meanings).
The main L connection into this line is at Edinburgh, to Mont St. Michel, to Paris, to Rennnes le Chateau. The complementary L is from Thurso (Serpent's eye) to San Sebastian/Hendaye to Stes. Maries de la Mer and then on to Luc (including Les Arc sur Argens where Ste. Rosline is interred in the glass casket).
When we go more deeply with the Camel connection, ie the Hebrew alphabet code, we will key into several other letters. One remarkable example is the letter peh (#80, in the 8-series) which is drawn as the gamel (camel) except that it is a bent tube. Peh will translate: "to transmute, to blow/sound/breathe into 4 corners." Thus we have the "Holy Breath" which manifests using the famous 4-Square. This letter takes the gate function another step into the action of manifestation and transmutation of form. The key to all this is to first recognize the Camel or gamel, #3, and then open to the whole alphabet code which encodes the Reshels' various functions. I think that Henry did in fact design this into his Arms and that the earth grid, which uses the Reshel format, is intended to function as such within the Land and Racial Mind/Soul.
Bottom Line: the main activating format is the Staff of the Upraised Serpent/Shamir. Once this is stoked up and rebooted then the rest of the actions can begin sequencing. This first action of redemption and regeneration is critical to all else. I'd also like to point out that the "serpent" in the alphabet is the letter noun, #50, drawn as a double-bent line (letter M/W tilted); "noun" means "regenerating life (in cycles because its a serpent)." This action is that of the archetypal Grail: regeneration of life. Further, we can break the mysteries of the Genesis Tree(s) in Eden (controlling foundation) and its serpent/chavah-Eve correspondence as a life path. I would also connect the large grid axis with the Eden-Tree and the Shamir as the Serpent. This is exactly as Columba coded his in the Lindisfarne-L. The Sinclairs knew of Columba's L and the larger grid into Iona and Lindisfarne through Edinburgh; Henry would certainly have recognized this and used it. And transferred the same to Nova Scotia in the similar system. The Camel is the next more subtle overlay.
Thanks for bringing this up,
Blessings All...
Bill Buehler