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Tomar Castle

Tomar Castle was mentioned in the message from Alfonso Pzarro de Sampayo e
 You may also recall that Laura Zolo mentioned it when she was on her trip.
You can access the Story of the Western Crusade and the information about
Tomar  Castle from "History" at www.clansinclairusa.org  Then select the
Laura Zolo link.  Select:  04/May/2 "Gibraltar to Nazarč "
or you can get there from "Crusades & European Wars"  then select "Crusade
of the West"

Another new feature on this website is "Songs that the Crusaders Probably
Sang"  The link to that is from "Templars and Other Knights"   Scroll to the
bottom.  The left column has the songs and the right column information
about Bernard of Clairvaux who wrote many of them.   You will probably
recognize some from this list.  The words have been around a long time.   I
got curious about this subject when I was reading about the Crusaders
singing as they were walking around the walls of Jerusalem just before they
captured it.  I can picture many songs sung as they walked the long miles to
the Holy Land.


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