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Shetland Ponies

Can I send my sincere thanks to everyone that sent suggestions for pony names. We have received a good number and are going to put them all in a hat and pull out two names. The names we have received to date are as follows: Majestic, Jewel, Flory, Ruby, Dunnet, Mey, Sandy, Cinders, Lucy, Sophie, Sugar, Honey, Jet, Claire, Peggy, the Norsewoman, Black Belle and The Black Douglas, Isabella, Florrie, Poppy, Scapa and Flotta. I do hope that covers everyone. If anyone would like to make a last suggestion please send it in this week. The name will be picked over the weekend (and there are no re-counts at Nosshead).
Best wishes,
David Sinclair-Sherratt
The Nosshead Lighthouse Window